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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Curse the Censor

This is a commercial for Xbox 360 Live that was banned for reasons I cannot discern:

I know it's very "violent," but really, there's zero blood and no one really dies. What the censors found objectionable to this, even after multiple viewings, still eludes me.

I still haven't gotten a new computer, but this will change soon; Micro Center is having major sales this month.

Also, Chapters 3 and 4 of Codename: White Knight have been lost, probably for good, so when I get a new computer, I'll have to rewrite them. If anyone remembers the beginning of Chapter 3, it's most likely going to be changed.


Good news: I was able to get the computer back up and running long enough to pull some files onto a jump drive, including Codename:White Knight and the movie reviews I wrote a while back.

We're 99% sure that the computer, a Dell Dimension 3000-Series, fired its hard drive. This isn't an isolated incident: for a long time, my high school used the same type of computer in the library, and they were always having problems. It got so bad that they began upgrading to new models (again Dells) midway through my junior year, and those began having issues by the time I graduated. My advice to anyone in the market for a new computer: stay away from Dell.


Sam said...

There was recently a shooting in a mall in Kansas. A commercial like this would come off as tasteless and offensive.

Anonymous said...

That'd do it.