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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank Goodness That's Over

My computer was acting screwy all afternoon. Running really slow, running really hot, refusing to reboot from sleep mode, crazy stuff like that.

Fortunately, I figured out what was making it do that (I think): I installed Skype on my system this afternoon.

Okay, before Skype comes after me for libel and defemation, let me explain what exactly happened. When I downloaded Skype, I also downloaded a Skype app for Firefox. Said app is apparently very big and memory intensive, so when I had Firefox running (which is pretty much all the time when my computer is turned on), it was sucking up about half of my laptop's (which is a POS, by the way) CPU power. I've disabled the app, and that seems to have fixed pretty much all of my problems. Not sure about the refusing to reboot from sleep mode, though, as that problem seems to pop up on it's own every few months....

Anyway, if you download Skype (which I absolutely love, by the way, and I'm not just saying that to appease Skype for the rest of the post) and you have Firefox, I would recommend immediately disabling/uninstalling the Skype app. Especially if you have a laptop.

And, on another note, I've just begun writing a treatment for a new story idea. Zombie Apocalypse told through a journal of one of the survivors. Leaning heavily towards turning it into a graphic novel. (Any artists out there?)

And on yet another note: I LEAVE FOR AUSTRIA IN THREE DAYS! W00T!!!

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