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Saturday, August 9, 2008

World's Best Movie Martial Artists

5. Jackie Chan

Chan has never once used a stuntman, leading him to be considered uninsurable by movie studios. He started out really awesome (and can still kick some serious @$), but he soon descended into the realm of "Kung-Fu Komedy," the low point of which being the "Westerns" he did with Owen Wilson and the two Rush Hour sequels.

4. Jason Statham

Not so much a martial artist as an all-around action star, Statham nevertheless has a few solid martial arts hits under his belt (pun not intended), the most famous of which being he cult classic The Transporter. He ranks in as number 4 only because of his limited exposure as a martial artist.

3. Jet Li

A lethal weapon if there ever was one, Jet Li is without a doubt one of China's most famous movie stars, with his films grossing millions at Hong Kong cinemas. Unfortunately his American releases (with a few notable exceptions) have been rather mediocre, limiting him to the Number 3 slot.

2. Chuck Norris

Dude, it's Chuck Norris, the guy who they couldn't put on Mount Rushmore because the granite wasn't tough enough for his beard. 5-time world karate champion and legendary film and TV star, Norris has been in the business for over 30 years and has hundreds of knockouts under his belt. Unfortunately, that's not enough to secure the top spot.

1. Bruce Lee

How can it be? How can Chuck Norris be beaten to number 1 by a guy with only one American blockbuster? Watch and learn:

That's right, he just took out an entire martial arts school singlehandedly. Bruce Lee was a human weapon who opened the door in America for kung-fu movies. His untimely death shortly before the release of Enter the Dragon only adds to his mystique. And in case anyone doubts Bruce Lee's superiority:

Yes, that was Chuck Norris you just saw die.

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