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Sunday, September 9, 2007

The (Almost) Perfect Jedi Knight Costume

At long last, I've determined exactly what I need to make the perfect Jedi Knight costume:

Unfortunately, the costume is not yet complete. Anyone know where I can find a pair of brown leather knee-high boots, size 11.5?

Only downside is that of price; this getup's gonna cost me big. Even without the boots, it's costing me $219.94. Before Shipping & Handling. And that's assuming I get a relatively cheap lightsaber. Darn.

Yes, I admit it. I am a huge nerd.

Okay, now that that randomness is out of the way...

I've got a new story that's going to get posted soon. It's tentatively titled The Eliminator, but that's probably going to change. Look for it soon.

The Eliminator is also what I'm calling my new profile pic: it's a 1969 Mercury Cougar with the top-end Eliminator performance package. And the one in the picture is one of only two Cougar Eliminators equipped with the rare Boss 429 V8 engine. Schveet, ja?

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