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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Blurb

Ok, this this just a random blurb from a story idea that struck me tonight (literally 45 minutes ago, probably less). Let me know what you think:


The first surprise came when the door to the cottage opened. They had been expecting a peasant girl; the two figures walked into the darkened structure were too tall and muscular to be female. No matter; they’d take the unexpected visitors prisoner regardless.

The second surprise came when they leapt out from the shadows onto their two unsuspecting victims. They expected the capture to be quick and effortless, but instead of quickly succumbing to the ambush, their preys' bodies seemingly disappeared is a blur of motion. The attackers found the tables suddenly turned against them as their “victims” began to lash out violently at them. Bones snapped and joints crunched as a flurry of fists, feet, elbows, and knees sent the attackers flying from the epicenter of the brawl. Some lay where they fell, some unconscious, a few dead, but those who retained their lives and senses dove back into the fight, more terrified of their mistress’ anger at their failure than of the sure slaughter they faced.

In the room’s far corner, the attackers’ mistress stood silently, her eyes wide in shock and horror. No, this could not be happening! She had planned for every contingency! But not this one. She had speculated that these two men might spring her trap and determined that her minions would easily defeat them. But she had reasoned that a prince and his teacher would spring her trap; the two men who were sweeping her minions aside like dust were warriors that had been training for a situation such as this for their entire lives. Master and apprentice, between them they had over fifty years of practice in this most brutal and effective martial art. Alone, they were formidable. Together, they were unstoppable.

At that moment, Gavin found his boot knives, tossed one of the blades to Phillip, and the slaughter became a bloodbath.

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