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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Raptor Is About To Wig Out!

Yeah, didn't get much work done on Justice Delayed today; just three lousy sentences, not even 50 words (in my defense, I seem to be most creative between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 AM. Don't ask why.).

Haven't read any more of Without Remorse either (no defense here, just lazy).

Got by butt kicked in Scrabble. Lost by one lousy point on the last play of the game! Talk about frustrating.

Put the ornaments on the tree. How annoying. Not the putting up of the ornaments itself, but the fact Momma Raptor has to make sure everyone only puts on their own ornaments and that the tree looks "balanced" and turns it into a production.

That's not what's driving me crazy, though.

My left eyebrow has a twitch in it. For the last two days.

I've tried everything. I ate a whole banana, took an extra calcium with lunch, hydrated so much that I've turned into a living, breathing Greek fountain. No dice. It won't go away!

And it's driving me out of my cotton-pickin' mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, I'm begging you, how do I make it stop?


Now that I wrote this post, my eyebrow stopped twitching.

I'm willing to bet that as soon as I click "Publish," it'll start again.

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