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Sunday, December 14, 2008

That Was Odd

Yeah, I have no idea why I wrote my last post. I wasn't even cheesed off about anything when I wrote it. Not even remotely agitated. Yeah. That was wierd.


Finals are over, so that means I'm off for the next month! Sweet!!! Plans? Not much, really. I'm probably going to spend most of my time rewriting More Than a Job, which I've re-titled as Justice Delayed. I re-read it a few weeks ago, and while I love the characters, the basic premise (Pierce as a hitman) was just too cheesy, especially since I'm going to try and have it published once I finish writing it. Aside from that, I really don't have all that much on my plate.

So, yeah, not much going on in my world.

Still no idea why I wrote that last post.

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Emma said...

sorry that most of the comments I make are about mechanics. it's not that I don't like the other stuff. it's just that I'm not as interested in cars or guns or the ten-things-that-didn't-cheese-you-off-after-all as I am in grammar, for example.