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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back In The Saddle

You should be pleased to know that I have resumed work on Codename: White Knight and The Hitman Chronicles. I don't have any new chapters today, but rest assured that they will be completed and posted very soon.

I know few (if any) of you actually care, but having re-accessed my resources and capabilities, I have decided that I will not be purchasing that airsoft sniper rifle after all. Simply put, I have nowhere I can shoot it. Our property is bordered on all sides by families with young children, meaning I can't take it in the back yard, and my basement isn't long enough (or clean enough) to use as a shooting range. So that means I'll have to go with a pistol. Fortunately, I've already decided which one:

Meet the Desert Eagle. Some of you might recognize this from The Matrix Trilogy as Agent Smith's weapon of choice. This airsoft pistol is, in a word, sweet. I could go on and on decribing its specs and specifics, but I doubt you'd care. Now, the only choice is this, normal (above) or chrome...


Jeff said...

Get the black one so you can dress up as Agent Smith.

Ali said...

sorry for non-postage. i forgot. stuff has been crazy.

Also, if tim says anything to you about a reaserch proposal...i am so, so, SO sorry.

Sam said...