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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Locked, Cocked, Ready to Rock

As promised, the first three chapters of Codename: White Knight are up and ready for your reading pleasure. I've checked the chapters over, and everything appears to be formatted correctly. If I did miss anything, let me know.

I'm on a pretty good roll with the story so far: Chapter 4, currently entitled Gun and Run, should be up by Friday.

Since restarting White Knight, I'm going to be putting the rest of my story ideas on hold until White Knight is complete. Hopefully that will happen before I have to go back to school. But with my internship starting soon (I hope), I can't make any guarentees.

Tchaikovsky was a genius. Who else would be smart (or crazy) enough to put real cannons in the percussion section?

Okay, now that that random thought is over...

I suddenly have a strange desire to play Scrabble. How odd.

Okay, now that that random thought is over...

I was going to start a contest, but nerdjedi's doing the exact same thing, so I'm pulling mine. Darn it! Still too slow on the draw!

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