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Monday, April 30, 2007

Big News and a Call-Out

First, I've started writing movie reviews. I wanted to review the two Robin Hood movies I saw in my last post, but due to the post's already large size, I decided to seperated them in their own blog, which can be found here. Currently, the only reviews posted are for the above-mentioned Robin Hood films, but I plan on posting more, both classic films and new releases, in the near future.

Second, I managed to recover some files from my busted computer, including my own Robin Hood story, entitled Ghosts of Sherwood. I plan on continuing itrewriting it very soon, and may even post it up on the blog.

Third, I recently discovered, to my shock and horror, that nerdjedi and I hold very different opinions on Robin Hood. While I view the outlaw as a hero, nerdjedi describes him as a criminal and a terrorist. In an effort to better understand his point of view, I ask him here and now to send to me, in writing, the facts and reasons behind his opinion which I shall then post, unedited and uncensored, here on my blog.

Fourth, yes, I realise I have become obsessed with Robin Hood. Staying up all night watching a TCM Movie Marathon on the man will do that.


Jeff said...

Tim's an idiot.
Robin Hood's AWESOME!

Especially the fox in the Disney one and the BBC guy. :-)

Anonymous said...

from the old or new series?