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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Welcome Back... ?

Wow. Eight days and three posts without one comment on the blog. I'm pretty sure that's a new record. Don't break it.

Okay, I know I'm repeating myself yet again, but Codename: White Knight is back and the first three chapters are up.

I was working an Chapter 4 and a new addition to The Hitman Chronicles, but after the massacre at Virginia Tech, and given the fact that Chapter 4 and the new chronicle both contain major shootouts, I have not been able to bring myself to complete them. They will be finished, I just can't say when.

Speaking of The Hitman Chronicles, I found out something interesting about the narrator's preferred weapon (Glock Model 20, 10mm Auto) while researching for White Knight. While I won't go into detail about exactly what this fact is (Okay, I'm not really going to say anything), I will tell you that it is a major contributing factor to the action in the new chronicle, and it may have a large impact on the ensuing chronicles (particularly with the narrator's choice of weaponry).

I finally got Casino Royale on DVD last night, spent all day today watching the special features disc. Maybe I'll watch the movie later tonight. Or maybe not, depends on what's on TV. Wait, what's today, Thursday? *checks* Yep, it's Thursday. Nothing worthwhile on, except maybe some talk/news shows that my parents like, so I'll see.

I just found out that Random Sabers isn't going to be accepting any new orders until June 1st. Turns out they have a huge backlog of orders that needs to be dealt with before they can even think about accepting new work. On the positive side, however, this does (temporarily) answer the question of whether I should buy an airsoft gun or a lightsaber, and it gives me a month and a half to work on a design for my own personal saber...


Anyone remember my little list on how to be an Evil Overlord nerdjedi let me post on his blog a while back? Well, I found it, spiffed it up a little, and gave it it's own page. It's now entitled How To Be A Perfect Evil Overlord: Tips and Tricks on How to Pull Off Your Evil Schemes Without a Hitch. Check it out here, and send me any suggestions for additions you might have.

Oh, and Sam, I knew what I was doing. And I never said the guy playing against him was any good, did I?


Sam said...

I'm here!

Sam said...

Also: please don't use chess in a story unless you know what you're doing. If a knight was on D5 when the bishop went to F5, the knight could've taken the bishop, thus avoiding the checkmate.