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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Well, I think the title says it all. Can't be any more direct than that.

Please disregard my last post; I can get a better airsoft gun with battery + charger for cheaper than the MP7 package mentioned below. Now my only question; MP5 or M16? I'm kinda leaning towards the M16VN (see here), but the MP5 is a mite bit cheaper... but enough about that. I know you really don't care about my airsoft obsession. And no, I am not going to shoot squirrels with it. That's not what you use airsoft for. Let me repeat this for the uninitiated, airsoft is like paintball only we use replicas of real guns that shoot little plastic pellets instead of plumbing nightmares that shoot big paint-filled gel packets.

Chapter 11 is well underway, maybe halfway completed. It's more than likely going to be finished tomorrow, but definitely by Saturday (I'm going to be out of town Sunday + Monday and want it done before then). I haven't gotten all of the fine details worked out quite yet, but I think the story should be wrapped up within about five more chapters, not including Chapter 11. I'm definitely going to be writing the sequel, Codename: White Knight. That one will be shorter than More Than a Job, 10-12 chapters or so. It'll also be a lot more action-packed than More Than a Job; kinda along the lines of The Bourne Identity or an Alistair MacLean novel. If you haven't read More Than a Job don't worry; it can be a stand-alone, though parts of it will make marginally more sense if you have read MTaJ. I think I might post a sneak peek in a week or so to see if anyone's interested.

That's all for this post. Again, Happy New Year to all.


Ali said...

"those boys and their guns."

i have no idea what movie that was from, though.

my brother's comment on that gun: "aw, that's beast!!"

Anonymous said...

its cause boys have testosterone. girls dont have much of that.