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Thursday, January 25, 2007

On The Mend

Sheesh! I have not had good luck moving into Grove City! Last time it was extreme food poisoning, now it was the stomach flu! Fortunately, as the post title states, I'm on the mend and getting better by the hour.

Anyway, according to my schedule, Monday's really crazy, Wednesday slightly less so, Friday's not too bad, and Tuesday + Thursday are pretty easy. So look for new updates Tues, Thurs, over the weekend, Friday, and occasionally Wednesday and Monday (rarely). This next week's going to be kinda nuts 'cause I've got a ton of make-up work to do, but after that I should be back to semi-normal.

Thanks to all for thinking of me during this time of transition.


Jeff said...

At least you're not a medical mystery like me.

Ali said...

at least you're not a corrupt puritain like SOME people. hee.

Joepoe said...

At least you don't have a lot of homework on Fridays. Wait...scratch do have a lot of homework on Fridays. Guess what? I had NO HOMEWORK this weekend. (Midterm week, but it's over and I got a 94% average. Hee! Then again, I suppose by the time you are finished with your work and have a spare minute to read this, it will be long after this weekend happened. Oh well, good luck.