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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Esperimentations Continue

As you've no doubt noticed, I changed the blog's color scheme again because some people kept complaining about how it made their eyes bleed.

*mutters obscenities under his breath*

In the words of Bill Cosby is his famous dentist routine: "Ah hobe dat yu awe sthatithfide!"

Okay, onwards and upwards!!!

I have not yet begun writing Star Wars: The Few and The Proud, but I WILL VERY SOON!!! I had planned on starting it today, but my interview for an intership (which I think went very well) and a minor crisis with a college application (someone, I'm not sure who, lost my high school transcript, messing up my application) have put that on hold. Look for the first chapter, or at least the introduction, tomorrow.

I now leave you with the immortal word of Phillip K. Dick:

Sometimes the only appropriate response to reality is to go insane.


nerdjedi said...

Much better. You just need a few tweaks on some of the shades to make it perfect!

nerdjedi said...

And that should be "Experimentations."


Ali said... looks like blood...

you came to high school today! i know cuz i was sitting there in a green jacket. And i came up to tim and i was like "dude, who is that? he looks like you!"

then i think tim wanted to strangle me. or dress me up like a nectarine and throw me to K.E.V.I.N.

Jeff said...

Ach! Ew! I hate the color scheme.