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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Late Night, Quick Post, Big News

Okay, first off, yes, I do realise I'm posting this at 11:00 PM. Before you ask, no, I don't have anything better to do.

And now that that's all taken care of...

Firstly, I have another installment of The Hitman Chronicles in the works. I have not begun writing it yet because I still need to iron out one major detail (will he fight the cops or more cons?) but once I get that worked out it'll be up real fast.

Secondly, I have another story in the works. It's an idea I came up with a while back and actually started writing, though sadly it was lost when my hard drive conked out. However, two separate stories I discovered on FanFiction.Net, Wolves on the Border and Enter the Stalkers, both written by The Merry Prankster, reminded me of my original plot. The premise of my story is that a group of US Marines are somehow transported into the Star Wars universe right before The Phantom Menace begins. If my memory serves me correctly, I planned to take the story all through the prequels and (possibly) into the original trilogy.

Okay, I know you're asking yourselves why you should care. Simple: because I'm going to post this story on the blog.

Wait... didn't he decide not to do that anymore?

Yeah, I did. But honestly, I really don't care if anyone steals this idea because, as I previously stated, it's already been done before and I'll (hopefully) still devote most of my efforts to finishing Codename: White Knight. Plus, seeing as how Star Wars is owned by George Lucas, no one can attempt to make any money off of it. Well, not without getting sued, anyways.

Okay, now it's like 11:20 and I'm beat. I'm too tired to look for a lightsaber pic tonight. Sorry.

Hmm... so much for this being a quick post...

Bye y'all.


Joepoe said...

Finally! Time for me to write to YOU and your long posts. Not to be outdone by ME and my long comments! Wow! It's allready 12:30!

As promised, I am going to write about your previous post and this current one.

Previous Post:

As Sam said, "Best one yet. Trully a work of art."

I am assuming he is refering to your short story, not your picture of a lightsabre that you just copy pasted. And to add on to what he said, yes I would have to agree that your latest story was much better than some of the other ones. It held my interest more.

That being said, when you critique something, it is important to mention some positive and negative qualities. I hate negative comments too, but I get them a lot in Studio Art and I know deep down that they are beneficial. Not that mine will be anything intelligible though. So basically, I think the reporter thing is a bit too dramatic. And also, more as a question than a comment, do hit men really shoot people in the head? From what I have heard, they try to shoot them in other places so the body is still recognizable to the client. Of course, I am refering to the movie, Leon the Proffesional staring one of my favorite actors, Jean Reno, and as a btw, it is also the first film that that star wars girl had a roll in. Which may interest you being a Jedi Raptor if you didn't allready know that. Yes, I know "The Proffesional is just some fictional movie, but I wonder if they would actually shoot in the head. Then again, Leon was an assasin. I don't even know if an assasin and a hit man are the same thing. So what is my opinion good for?

Back to your writing. Do you plan on doing anything in writing? I mean like what are you majoring in? Do you ever plan to write anything and get it published? Or is it purely a hobby?. I know I would kind of like to write a story or two in my lifetime. One that other people would actually read, that is.

Now for this current post:

I would certainly be hippocritical asking why you are writing at 11:00 at night because I am writing right now and it is nearly 1:00 in the morning. Reason being I am so sick that I won't be going to school tommorow for sure. And you are in college. You are supposed to be up until 3:00 in the morning partying and stuff. Chilling with the chicks. I mean why else would you go to college? To earn a degree? Well I guess that is good second reason to go.

Just as an after thought, if you did want to write about military guys and criminals, I'd read a lot of Tom Clancy. He does a lot of research for his books I have heard. He reminds me of George Lucus. So does Andrew Lloyd Webber. I guess the only reason is that they are all fat, old, ugly rich men. Well, I don't know if Andrew Lloyd Webber is really fat. All three are extremely succesful too, despite the way I would have it. To be perfectly honest, I don't really care for any of them! But they are successes and I allways take note of sucessful people, even when I don't like them at all.


Ali said...

oh no.

no, no, no.

you're not......going to do fan fiction.......are you?

we've lost another one, kevin...