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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Something's Different...

Having grown bored with my blog's original color scheme, I decided to mess around with it a little bit (no duh).

Now that I'm finished, I realize that the color scheme reminds me somehow of blue jeans. I like blue jeans; I almost always wear them all of the time.

I hope that last sentence made sense to you, because having written it, I'm now kinda confused.

I'm gonna start writing Star Wars: The Few and The Proud soon. Two sort-of major changes:

  1. The story starts off with rising tensions between China and Taiwan, not Iran and Iraq
  2. The pilot the Marines get sent in to rescue is a fellow Marine rather than Air Force (the Marines have their own F/A-18 Hornet and AV-8B Harrier squadrons).

That's all for now.

Wait, no it isn't. I have an interview for an internship tomorrow. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I've played around with the coloring some more in an effort to make the new layout more eye-friendly. Let me know if this is better.


nerdjedi said...


Change it back. Or make it different. Or SOMETHING!

It hurts my eyes... and my spleens.

Ali said...


i very much agree with tim.

heehee kevin is sort of an inside joke. it was a snow day and me and my sister were watching cartoons and in this one, everyone kept randomly yelling "kevin! forgiiive meeeeeeeeee!!" when something went wrong. so me and emma were like "what the hell..." I later decided that kevin stood for kangaroos everywhere viciously imploding nectarines.

Ali said...

oh wait, i remembered what i forgot.

one time i made a deep purple layout with lime green type and also some pink and white mixed in with black too.

I changed it immediatley.

Ali said...

therefore, you should too. yeah, i just fully left out my whole entire point...

Ali said...

OH!!! and it doesnt look like blue jeans. It has maroon. No one likes maroon.

i want to find out how that thing ends. that story...the sequel one...and also what was going on in the first place.

Ali said...

2 more things (i'm sorry! i know i'm pulling a joepoe, but this is the ONLY time i will EVER act like him, i SWEAR):

This layout reminds me of when i backwards highlight the entire blog to read the post, cuz my eyes read black or white on blue better than black on white. And it's really confusing my eye sockets.

Also...oh shit. i forgot. no. no, i'm not going to do it. I'm going to keep the window up until i remember. mMaybe ifi i re-read the post...

OH!! Luck!!!

nerdjedi said...

You made it worse, not better.