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Friday, March 16, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

I have made the difficult decision to pull both More Than a Job and Codename: White Knight offline. I have come to realize posting them on the blog had a negative impact on my creativity: I deliberately shortened/cut out multiple ideas in order to keep each post at a reasonable length. Also, and this is probably just me being paranoid, I was afraid someone might steal my ideas, pass them off as their own, and then make a great deal of money off of them.

The Hitman Chronicles will remain online, however, and will be updated on a semi-regular basis. In the meantime, I will continue writing White Knight and will clean up and add to MTaJ. If all goes to plan, you might find them in hardback one day...

And now, your daily randomsaber picture:


Ali said...

*sighs* it's been a while. dunno why, though.

my head hurts.

Joepoe said...

I am afraid that I will never ever ever find your books in hard back. Nor will anyone for that matter. You have posted this stuff on the internet. Somehow, someway, it will be available. If not, someone I am sure has allready coppied it. You'd best start from scratch. And besides, it is just plain so much easier to write a story on something like microsoft word.

Now I have unfinished business (*goes to print out the allready coppied and save white knight and more than a job stories*)

Jeff said...

Capital growth is not important.

It is not a moose. I swear to you, it's not.

Joepoe said...