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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Do You Actually Read More Than a Job?

Well, do you?

Everyone's reading Anonymous but it seems like no one is reading More Than a Job! And my story's not depressing and ultra-violent! I've worked really hard on this and no one seems to appreciate it! Why?!? Sam posts a picture and another chapter where you know someone's going to die! You know what's going to happen! So why read it? I sincerely doubt anyone saw David's sudden freeze-up or the guy with the shotgun in his jacket coming! WHAT'S ANONYMOUS HAVE THAT MORE THAN A JOB DOESN'T HAVE?!?!?!

Sorry. It's just that I'm really frustrated by the lack of response to MTaJ. I'd really appreciate it if people read it and gave me feed back.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading it!!

Although i don't know if i count.

Okay,'s good...but...OH! I hate the whole cliffhanger thing. I am an avid hater of cliffhangers, especially when it takes the person a while to update.

In Anonymous, though, the cliffhangers have stopped being scary. The guy always pulls out a gun, and you know that Voah will make it through unscathed because he doesnt die until the thing with the woman and the car.

It just goes to show why you should never use cliffhangers unless they are an absoloute necessity (sp.?)

Anonymous said...

OH and i just read the actual post. I have a bad hobby of reading the title and then posting.

I understand your frustration with the whole thing with anonymous. I get about three comments average on my stories.

But it's Sam, so there's nothing you can really do.

Sam said...

i think it's a bit insulting to continue to insult my story... i doubt anyone saw the suicide coming, or the guy walking in with a gun... or the very beginning where he dies to START.

but no i read your story.

Jeffrey said...

Actually, the beginning reminded me of Sunset Boulevard. Good movie. You'd like it. Don't bother with the show. Movie's better.