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Sunday, November 5, 2006

I Am Not Yet Dead!


Didn't post in a while because I couldn't think of anything to write on Friday and I was in Lancaster all day Saturday, so I'm a postin' now!!!

nerdjedi is insane. We saw a Aston Martin DB7 Vantage in the parking lot across the street from church (like this one, only white with a tan roof) ...

...and nerdjedi has the gall to say that Aston Martins are bad cars!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, MAN!?!?!?

At any rate, Chapter 5 of More Than a Job is underway and should be up within the next two days or so.

And now I must go to lunch, so I bid you all farewell.


nerdjedi said...

Hey! I didn't say they were bad cars, I just said they aren't the best.

Jeff said...

It's just plain nerdy to not call "nerdjedi" Tim. Sorry, it just is.

Ali said...

i've never read that job thing...maybe i will.