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Sunday, November 19, 2006

IT'S ALIVE! It's alive! Oh it's alive it's alive it's alive! It's alive!

My computer lives! It was, as we had suspected, a burned out power supply module, which has since been replaced. The end result ain't pretty, but it works.

I can't get a picture of it up at the moment, but the front cover's off and the CD and DVD drives are sticking partway out of the casing, reason being that the new Power Supply Unit was a lot bigger than the old one, which meant that the CD and DVD drives wouldn't fit all the way inside the casing, which meant that the front cover wouldn't fit on.

Like I said, it ain't pretty, but at least it works (for now). I only need it to last another 2 months, give or take a week or so, until I head back to GCC, so ugly works for now.

Since most of my energy for the last 24 hours has been devoted towards fixing my PC, there won't be a new chapter of More Than a Job for at least another day or two. But it is coming.

Why the **** are there Christmas Carolls on the radio right now!? It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, for cryin' out loud! Don't believe me, tune into 99.5 FM or 101.1 FM and see (or is it hear?) for yourself!

EDIT: Can anyone name the movie I "borrowed" my title from? It's probably the most famous line in the movie, which is pretty old.


Anonymous said...

uhhhh....i give up.

Jen said...

back to the future when Doc fixes the time travel car? xD Just a guess.

Anonymous said...


emma said...

i would say frankenstein but does dr. frankenstein say it that many times?