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Friday, November 17, 2006

Spring-Oops, I Mean Fall-Cleaning

No new chapter for More Than a Job today. However, I have edited the existing chapters a little bit. This isn't a rewrite, so the story's still the same. I just cleaned it up a little bit and changed a slight detail in Chapter 1 to make it fit an idea I had for the sequal. Feel free to check out the changes (hint-hint).

Casino Royale is finally out, but I haven't seen it yet. *insert shocking music here* I know, I know, I've only been obsessing about it for a month now (actually a lot longer than that), but it's kinda hard to get to the movie without a car. Plus, my friends are coming back from college for Thanksgiving this weekend, so I'll probably go and see it with them.

There was this big thing on the news last night about all those people who waited in line in the pouring rain to get a PlayStation 3. Thone people are nuts. WHO WOULD DO THAT? I know some of you are going to reference the masses of people who camped out before the premire of the Star Wars movies, but that's different. At a movie theatre, you're pretty much guarenteed to get to see it eventually, but Sony only shipped 40,000 PS3 consoles to the US. Divide that by the thousands of Best Buy, Circuit City, EB GAMES, and other electronics stores in the US, and you get only a handful of consoles, if any, in each store. And these people were lined up around the block to get a PS3. Idiots. Plus, the Wii is the way to go. And who in their right of mind would spend $600 for what's basically a Blu-Ray verison of a PS2?


Anonymous said...

i already asked your brother, but i need a second opinion.

Should i get MY little brother (age 9 and a half) the Wii for Christmas? Or should i try to find an Xbox360?

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Well, I'm not the techno-expert my brother is, but I'd go for the Wii. Couple of reasons.

1) The Wii is cheaper; $250 for the whole deal vs $300 for the bare-bones XBOX 360 and $50 per Wii game vs. $60 for a 360 game.

2) The Wii has more kid-friendly titles available vs. the 360. Titles like Dead or Alive 4 vs. titles like Avatar and Dragon Ball Z.

3) Wii is designed with the casual player in mind. The motion-sensing controller is, in my mind, much easier to exploit than button-mashing combinations (which are one reason I hate fighting games)

4) Wii also comes packaged with a game, Wii Sports. It's mainly a demo of the Wii Controller's capabilities, but hey, its free.

Wii Will Rock You! said...

Wii comes out tomorrow!!

Wii will rock you!

Anonymous said...

Wii sports= the best thing in the world for my bro.

Oh i get it...We will rock you...wii...we...i'm slow.