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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Can't Keep Doing This

I did it again; I stayed up past midnight watching TV. This time it was a special CSI presentation on SPIKE TV; Cross Jurisdiction. Three episodes back to back that are crossovers between the three CSI franchises. Vegas guys in Miami, Miami guys in NYC, that kinda thing. Now I'm paying the price for watching TV past midnight for two days in a row; I'm so dirt tired that I can barely get this typed out. Oy.

Chapter 8's coming along pretty well, considering my lack of sleep over the last two days. It should be up by Friday or so. I'm going to try, try to get one chapter up per week. That way, I can hopefully get this done before I head off to college in January.

Yeah, I'm pretty beat, so I'm gonna go crash or something. Later.

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