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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ryan vs. Dorkman

Otherwise known as the best fanfilm lightsaber duel ever! Ryan Wieber and Michael Scott are absolute geniuses when it comes to choreography. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

Cool, no? Want more? Well, you're in luck, because Wieber and Scott are making a sequel! It's supposed to be released early next month, but for now you can check out the sneak preview here and check out the films' official website.

When I saw this a long time ago on TheForce.Net FanFilm pages, I realized that it'd be pretty cool to make a fanfilm of my own, and since then it's been an on-again off-again dream of mine to do just that. And now that I'm going to be home from college for six months with little to do (besides a still-undetermined part-time job), this is probably the opportune time to do so. But, as you probably realize, I can't do it alone. So I was thinking that maybe (if they'd agree to help me) Sam and I could write it and the legendary combination of Spartan and nerdjedi could film it and I'd work with them editing it. Of course, as I said, that's only if they're willing to help (nudge nudge, wink wink).

In the meantime (while you consider my offer), check out another of Ryan Wieber's works, Wieber vs. Flyte:


Joepoe said...

I love Ryan Wieber movies. The first one you showed I also saw a long time ago and I was amazed because his choreogrophy was like ten times better than the actual Star Wars Movies. And what more, I liked them, where as I hate Star Wars. Maybe it is because they leave out all the sappy love crap.

If you were one of us, I'd say that you shouldn't make an internet movie because of Online preadators, but I'd say that you are to old for them now!

But if you plan on making anything like Ryan's with three freshman and yourself, check the credits...

Ali said...

uh yeah i didnt watch those but i hadnt read your blog in a while. so i have THIS to say:

1.) I dont' think i libeled or slandered your story, but the blog format.
2.) As soon as action started happening i went "Scroll down, down, down" until i reached the end and went "Oh." Cuz it's, ya know, late.
3.) Car jargon.
4.) Joepoe, many women love the sappy love crap.
5.) If you impliment your Keith-Moone's-last-words-esque logic to this, you shall be bashed over the head.

Joepoe said...

Well either way, knowing you, you probably won't be visiting this blog again for about another month. Let allone reading the story and entries.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

ali, I wasn't ticked at you; the post was directed at nerdjedi because he really slandered my writing in a gtalk conversation. I was pi$$ed and needed to vent.

Also, I understand perfectly your critisism of the formatting, I'm actually considering inverting the colors to make it easier on the eyes.