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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Took Me Long Enough!

Chapter 1 of Codename White Knight is finally up. That took me entirely too long to write. Though this time I did have a number of valid excuses to draw upon to explain myself: being sick, starting college, not sleeping, etc., but I'm not going to make lame excuses now.

No idea when Chapter 2 will be finished. Hopefully by next week, but realistically I can't make any promises.

College is going okay so far, I guess. I only have one class Tuesday/Thursday, so those are the days I use to do all of my homework. That means I'm going to busy for a goodly portion of the afternoon. Well, at least I won't be bored...


nerdjedi said...

Nice. Too much gun jargon, though.

Ali said...

i read it.

i hate the blog format

my shoelaces are six and a half feet long.

that is all.

Jeff said...

I read the title. That's about it.

Then I read the paragraph.

Then I decided to comment.

Good job on finishing the story! w00t! Get out the cake!

Joepoe said...

As far as you saying just surviving in your last post, don't let life get you down. James Bond says just surviving too and he still gets lots of hot chicks and drinks and cool cars and weapons and gadgets. Just remember that life is fun. And it is even more fun when you pretend to be high all the time, like me. And for the record, SMG is much simpler than Sub-Machine Gun. And you should be more specific as to what kind of SMG it is. Most people don't call their guns "Sub-Machine Guns." Of course, you can always just call them rifles and cut all the gun statistics out. And I would think that gangsters would more likely just have hand guns anyways. And had it been the Sicilian Mob, Callahan would be dead. And if he gave his gun to the boss, the boss would probably attempt to kill him again rather than offer him a job. And you should check your spelling. Doesn't it just make you angry when people tell you what to do? Especially freshmen? Well, I guess you are a freshman in your own way, so...Ha! FRESHMAN! FRESHMAN!

And if it intrests you, something funny happened today. Well you'll probably find it gross, which it is, but it is also to some degree, funny. At our lunch table, a girl unraps a hotdog and the hotdog has a condom around it. One girl took a picture of it and school officials came to interogate her. WTF..sorry, WTM! Anyways, it is amazing how fast rumors spread connestoga. So far, we don't know who the culprit is, but judging by the vollume of the condom, I'd say it was a minority.

Check the time for laughs!

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Okay, Joepoe, a few things;

1. I'm not writing about the Sicillian Mafia, I'm writing about a Russian crime syndicate. There's a difference

2. SMG is shorter, yes, but not everyone knows what it means. The type of SMG they were carrying is irrelevant, plus they each had a different one. And submachine is one word.

3. I did check my spelling. Always do before I publish.

Joepoe said...

1. we're better

2. I doubt it is irrelevant considering all the jargon you wrote about guns

3. I have seen it spelled sub-machine, so there.