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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Settled In

Well, it's been quite a while since I updated, but that's just because I've been really busy. I was sick pretty much all of last week (my first week on campus), so I've been playing catch-up with all of my profs. But that's all taken care of, now, so I should be updating more often now.

I've got a lot of really good classes (My favorite's 20th Century Russian History, the prof's a hoot!) The only one I really don't enjoy that much is Foundations of Economics, just because I find economic's in general to be a bore. The prof does keep the class interesting, though...

Now that I'm settled in and all, I'm going to start writing Codename: White Knight again. I'd like to get Chapter 1 completed and posted by the end of the weekend, but my folks are coming up to celebrate my birthday (it's tomorrow), so I'm not exactly sure how the timing's going to work out. Plus, I've got some homework for my humanities class, which I should probably do right now in case I have to buy more books (the bookstore closes in an hour), so I'd better go.



Jeff said...

I'm sure Maeve will be too busy (or lazy) to do this, so I'm wishing you a happy birthday from both of us.

Joepoe (censored by Jedi_Raptor07) said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Jedi Raptor
Happy birthday to you
skip around the room
skip around the room
I won't shut up till you
skip around the room
skip around the room
skip around the room
I won't shut up till you
skip around the room
skip around the room
and queens
and bishops too
wanta' wish the best to you
so wish day wash day
what do you say birthday
Happy birthday to you!

emma said...

happy birthday!

Ali said...

lol...joe...that gives me 8th grade flashbacks. Or was it 7th??...either way, the sprissler was PISSED.

oh yeah, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

this is sam.

happy boithday.
yom hooledet samaya.

Spartan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! YAY. Glad you are having a good time in college. w00t!

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

I'm not having a good time so much as I'm just surviving.