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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Great Debate

Good vs. Evil
Red vs. Blue
Republican vs. Democrat
Vanilla vs. Chocolate (vs. Strawberry)
The Light Side vs. The Dark Side
Cowboys vs. Indians
Eagles vs. Cowboys

Of all the great rivalries throughout history, none are more ancient, more bitter, more heated (or more humorous) that

No one knows exaclty when the Ninjas first exchanged blows with the Pirates, nor exactly what sparked their age-old conflict, but this much is clear;
Pirates. Ninjas. There Can Be Only One.
YouTube is chock-full of Pirate vs. Ninja movies. Most of them are based on the concept of Romeo and Juliet, but they're all hillarious. Check 'em all out!
And while you're at it, enter my new contest! Create a poster for an original Ninjas vs. Pirates movie and send it in to me. You can use PowerPoint, Photoshop, the Flikr Poster Maker, whatever, just get it in! I'll post the winner in a week, so get 'em in.
Also, who do you think is better; Ninajs or Pirates?
LET THE DEBATE BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...

x3 I hate to say it, but I like pirates AND ninjas. For me, I have opinions of what type of pirates or ninjas is best. The traditional ninjas with the whole black outfit where you can only see their eyes is DEFINETLY a no-no. Same goes for pirates who are scruffy and say "Arr!". Modern ninjas and modern pirates are the best.

nerdjedi said...


As Captain of the Tinfoil Hat, methinks I'll side with the pirates over thar!


Also, FireFox 2 is out. Go to and download it!