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Saturday, October 21, 2006

"how does jedi_raptor know so much about guns...0_o" -ali

Well, you're all about to find out.

I've always been a big fan of the military and military history, so I used to watch all those shows that came on the History Channel, including a show called Tales of the Gun, which documented the history of famous firearms and gunsmiths. The M16, the AK-47, the Colt Peacemaker, the Wincherter repeater rife, all those.

Anyways, my interest really took off about three years back when I saw a blurb about airsoft on the History Channel (show was called Tactical to Practical. It's not on anymore). I had been thinking about taking up paintball at the time, and thought airsoft warranted a look. So, I did what any Internet-savvy teen would do; I Googled it. And a retail site called RedWolf Airsoft. So, being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to check the site out. And found litereally hundreds of different kinds of airsoft guns. And, being the curious person that I am, when I saw a replica of a gun that I didn't recognize, I Googled it. And so on and so forth.

Also, around the same time I discovered airsoft, I met a kid at my high school named Joe. We became friends soon after this. Anyways, Joe knew a lot about guns-actually he still knows a lot about guns-and, being the curious person I am, I did lots of research on guns so I could understand what he was talking about. Later, I found out that both of his parents are ex-CIA, and his dad was actually part of a paramilitary team. (I'm not making this up! He told me his dad was ex-Agency, but I didn't really believe him. Later, my dad noticed a pin of the CIA crest on his mom's jacket and asked about it.) Also his dad, who lives in California, owns a firing range.

Lastly, I watch a lot of action movies and read a lot of military-fiction books (like Tom Clancy), so, again beging the curious person that I am, every time I read about a new gun or weapons system or the like, I either Google it or look it up on Wikipedia.

One thing I'd like to make one point clear; I'm not a violent person. Okay, I might smack nerjdedi upside the head every once in a while, but that's only when he does something really dumb (like punching a hole in the bottom of a can of Coca-Cola and making it explode all over the kitchen) and deserves to get smacked. I am interested in guns, yes, but I have absolutely zero desire to kill people. Yes, I'm interested in airsoft, which is where you basically run around shooting people with replicas of real firearms. But despite what nerdjedi might tell you, I am not a homicidal sociopathic killer. I do plan on owning a handgun when I'm older, but I'm only going to use it for target shooting and-if absolutely necesasry-defending my home and loved ones. And before nerdjedi says anything stupid that might get me in trouble, I'll only be shooting paper or cardboard targets.

Okay, now that that's all over with...

If anyone, like Sam or nerdjedi, is ever writing a story/book and has a question or needs info about guns, let me know. I'll help as best I can. Oh, speaking of which, Sam, for your Vanquisher story, if you're looking for a compact firearm that's easily concealable, I reccomend a Glock 26. It's a tiny 9mm with a 12 round magazine capacity. Again, if you're using a silencer, 9mm subsonic hollowpoints are probably your best bet.

P.S. What's with this O_o thing? What does that mean?



Jeff said...

On the contrary, there are none.

Jen said...

0_o is a smiley face. Just take a look at it! It's a smiley that shows an expression in between confusion and thinking that something is weird.

XD Nerdjedi is a target!!!!

Sam said...

yeah okay.

you're actually wrong about that. some extremely powerful recoils (i.e. from a .357 magnum) can knock people over.