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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Story Update

I've decided to post some details about my story in order to get better feedback from you guys.
(NOTE: I tried originally to include this as an edit of my previous post, but Blogger wasn't cooperate)

I haven't decided on a final title yet, but as of now it's tenatively titled Legacy of the Swan.

This is as much of a plot summary as I can give without letting anything major slip out;

After police officer Siegfried Bauer meets a seemingly ordinary woman in a park one night, a series of odd dreams, bizarre events, and hidden memories reveal an ancient legacy, a powerful love, a terrible curse, and a cycle of events that must be broken lest history be forced to repeat itself yet again.

Excited? Intrigued? The least bit curious? Please let me know.

I have to tell you that the story involves a series of flashbacks, but they will all (hopefully) make sense when integrated into the story. I know that some readers hate flashbacks and/or find them confusing, but they're essential if the story is to have the impact I want it to have.

SERIOUS FEEDBACK ONLY! (this means you, nerdjedi!)


Jen said...

I like the topic. Depending on how it was written, I might like reading it.

nerdjedi said...

Penguins are cooler than swans. Deal with it...

nerdjedi said...

But not serious feedback is so much more fun!

Jeff said...