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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lots of Muppet Videos, and Some Other Stuff Too. MASSIVE POST WARNING!

First off, here are my three favorite characters from the old Muppet Show: The Swedish Chef and Bunsen + Beaker!

These guys are the best, though these aren't my favorite skits. I'll post those when I find 'em.

Next up we have a wierd video I found the other day. Muppet Treasure Island + The A-Team =


But this one's wierder! Don't watch it unless you want a really annoying song stuck in your head.

Another Swedish Chef skit. This one freaked me out when I was little (like 2):

Okay, that's enought movies for now.

I posted Chapter 2 of More Than A Job. Be warned, that blog is having some issues. I'm working on those...

EDIT: I've fixed the issues present with More Than A Job. However, this means that the blog is no longer in "book-like" format. Unfortunately, I'm not experienced enough with Blogger to do anything fancy at the present time. Maybe in the future I can make it fancy, but at the present time it's just a normal blog. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

The bells, bells, bells, bells, bells of Notre Dame!

Anonymous said...

'tis jeff.

done now

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Thank you, Vanquisher.

Jeff said...

Now, the only way I can think of that you figured it out was 'cause you heard me singing it during lunch or in Broadway Musical. This is, of course, assuming you're in our close circle of friends.