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Friday, January 16, 2009

News on the Dorm Front

Good news. I'd been running on my laptop's (horrible) wireless card all week, and it was running like a slug stuck in thick peanut butter. Well, I stopped at home last night, picked up a spare network cable, and now it's running a lot better. Not as fast as the FiOS at home, but enough that I can actually go on graphics-intense pages and not wait ten minutes for the page to load (not even kidding, it took that long a few times)

Bad news. The dorm kinda smells. Not really my room, but more so the hall. Smells faintly off cigarettes and poo. Now, cigarettes I don't really get, seeing as how the campus is smoke free. However, the campus across the street from us is not (yes, there's another college across the street from me), and everyone there smokes under the lamppost down the street. But the poo? Well, the smell does tend to be close to the vent, which shares a wall with the bathroom. But, it's bearable, sometimes hardly noticeable, so I'll deal with it until the semester ends and I get out of this dorm.

Thank God it's Friday. Everyone's pretty beat, we really need this three day weekend.

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