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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!!!

Yep, we got a good three inches or so of the white stuff last night along with a goodly amount of what the weather people call "wintry mix," AKA ice rain. Looking out the window, the walkways around campus appear to be frozen over. Which means, you guessed it, classes are canceled!

First found out when I woke up to take a shower. There was a sign on the bathroom door saying that there were no classes and to go back to sleep. However, while pranks and comic mischief aren't common around here, they aren't unheard of either (as evidenced by the two guys with the NERF gun). A quick check of the school's website quickly confirmed things: no day classes due to inclement weather.


Unfortunately, I didn't find this out until after I was wide awake. And today's normally my early morning day too (Bio lab first thing, just what I want to do; wake up early, eat a full hearty breakfast, then go cut open an eyeball. [vomit]). So now I'm wide awake with nothing to do. Guess I'll catch up on journal entries for my theology class and read ahead in The Awakening (Most. Boring. Book. Ever.)

Keep you posted. Stay inside, stay warm.

Update, 11:15 PM:
I suspect that we may have another snow day tomorrow, or at the very least, my 8:30 class might be cancelled. As I was walking back from dinner (6:30-ish), the footpaths were starting to freeze over again. There were some spots that I actually slid for a good couple of feet. Didn't look or feel like it had been salted, and there's one spot in particular where they physically cannot salt (between two narrow wooden footbridges), so if things are bad tomorrow, I might have another day off.

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