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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

President Obama To Get New Limo

It seems that when Barack Obama drives through Washington on his way to his inauguration, he'll do so in a brand-spankin' new Cadillac limousine.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Come on, a new limo? Give me a break! They just had a new one built for Bush 3 years ago! The economy's in the crapper, and the best thing the government can find to spend money on is a new limo for the president?

This isn't a knock at Obama, but rather the government's stupidity and wastefulness in general. I can think of a hundred things they could spend money on that are far more important than a new limo for the President. What a waste. But then, given our government's stellar record at flushing our tax money down the toilet, I really shouldn't be surprised.

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